Meet the Bunch

  • Mark Doble
    Managing Director

    The founding father of Funky Bunch. Starting as one man putting together a weekly pub show, he’s built Funky Bunch into what we have today.

  • Mike Swann
    Creative Director

    The creative genius behind the show we’ve got today and the king of putting on a show since he was 12. As a musician, film maker, actor, radio presenter and of course “trivia host”, Mike is your man for that high energy game show vibe that you crave.

  • Shanon McKenzie
    Graphic Design and Creative Assistant

    Shanon follows a strict, rigorous exercise routine of walking between her computer and the fridge. This is one of her many talents. the others include but are not limited to: making sure you’ve got ample advertising material for your night and helping Mike create some of the best trivia content out there.

  • Ryan Coffey
    Host Manager

    Stand up comedian and veteran of the Funky Bunch stable, Coffey brings an effortless handsomeness to your event at no additional cost. Ryan makes sure all of our incredible hosts are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

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